Stable version of Vivaldi 1.14 based on Chromium 64 has been released and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The version introduces vertical reader mode, adds support for markdown support in Notes and allows to reorder search engines and rearrange web panels.

Vivaldi 1.14

What’s new:

The new version of Vivaldi brings vertical reader mode for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Vertical display is one of the default ways to view written text in  East Asian Languages. Users from Korea, China and Japan will find this useful. The feature not only removes clutter from web page but also saves space which you can make most of on modern devices for reading.

You’ll find option for vertical reader mode in Vivaldi Web Pages Settings under Reader View.

Enabling the ‘Allow Vertical Text Direction’ option activates ‘Vertical Text’ control in Reader View Settings, which you need to click on to use the feature.

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Vivaldi 1.14 version has added markdown & HTML formatting support in Notes.

It might surprise you, but till version 1.14, Vivaldi doesn’t has support for markdown in Notes, now, including to markdown, this version has added HTML formatting, so you can now format and preview notes in the side bar.

Check the below screenshot to see it in action.

Do you use Web Panels in Vivaldi to see social media sites or news sites which avoids the need to switch between the tabs? Do know this version offers the ability to move or rearrange websites in the web panel and the Vivaldi panels (with drag ‘n drop support) in the sidebar.

The ability to reorder or change search engines order is now available for Vivaldi in this version. With the new list layout, you can now put your default search engine in Vivaldi on top, you can either use drag and drop or take help of keyboard for that.

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The sync feature introduced when Vivaldi was in Snapshot version, has been disabled and will be available for further testing in Vivaldi 1.15 snapshot.
But you can still enable Sync in Vivaldi 1.14 stable by visiting vivaldi://experiments.

Source: Vivaldi blog

Download Vivaldi 1.14