Vivaldi 1.14 snapshot update has received rearrange search engines feature.

Vivaldi browser comes with these eight search engines: Bing, Yahoo, Startpage, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Wikipedia and Google. Reorganizing or changing the search engines order in Search Settings isn’t possible till now, which no longer the case with upcoming 1.14 version of Vivaldi.

Vivaldi 1.14 : Rearrange or change search engines order

To get started, click on V icon > Tools > Settings > Search

Select a Search engine, drag and drop it above or below the Search engines or use the upward and downward buttos available at the bottom for the same, do this until you get the desired order.

For instance, If you use Google as default Search engine in Vivaldi and want it on top of search engines list, select it and drop it above Bing or use the upward arrow to move it to the top position.

Do note hitting the ‘Restore defaults’ button, restores the default search engines and the order also.

You can download latest Vivaldi snapshot from here.

Vivaldi Sync is now available for testing in this snapshot, learn how to setup it.

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