Tab Warming, currently not enabled by default in Firefox Nightly, when turned on, loads tab contents in the background when you mouse over a tab assuming you’ll switch to it, when you click on that tab, page content will be displayed in the browser.

For most sites, you won’t notice significant difference, but, for certain sites like this you’ll feel tab switching is faster in Firefox.

How to Disable “Switch to Tab” Feature in Firefox

Do You Want “Switch to Tab” Feature in Chrome? There is extension for That

Tab Warming in Firefox

You can enable tab warming in Nightly by flipping the below preference in about:config


Mozilla’s Milke Colney, who works on Electrolysis says ” Tab warming is ‘is what we’re calling the process of pre-emptively rendering the layers for a tab, and pre-emptively uploading them to the compositor, when we’re pretty sure you’re likely to switch to that tab”.