Opera 50, based on Chromium 63, has been released and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The new version brings protection against Cryptocurrency scripts from mining on your computer.

In this version, Opera Software has added No Coin, anti-Bit coin mining tool to ad blocker. You need to enable Ad blocker in Opera to get the protection against cryptojacking attacks.

Opera 50

What’s new:

How do you know cryptocurrency mining is happening on your computer?

When you visit a website in browser, your CPU usage spikes to 100%, you feel the computer really slow and your laptop batter gets drained very quickly.

For a normal and less tech-savvy user with so many sites open in tabs, it is very difficult to know which website is running Cryptocurrency mining scripts, in these situations, you better enable adblocker in Opera, which automatically turns on No Coin to shield you.

Apart from this, new version of Opera adds Chromecast support to the browser, so that you can able to cast videos, tabs or your full display to TV or other devices in your home.

To start casting right away, visit Opera Settings > browser > User Interface >Enable Chromecast Support.

Save Page As PDF feature

Using advanced PDF Capabilities, Opera now allows to save web page as PDF. To do so, right click on a page and choose ‘Save as PDF’.

The PDF generated this way, different from PDF file produced with Printing when you choose destination as’Save as PDF’, will be very small in size and useful for offline reading, sharing or saving for future reference.

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Changes to VPN service

Opera VPN service gets an upgrade, Opera software has moved the VPN service to its Own data centers.

The new browser VPN, which now lists locations based on regions instead of Countries, offers these options: Optimal locations, Europe, America and Asia.

Opera VPN uses local search 

To produce better search results, Opera now bypasses browser VPN in major search engines Google, Yandex or bing, but when you leave those search pages,Opera turns-on the VPN service again.

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Check the Changelog and read this blog post from Opera.

Download Opera 50.0.2762.45