Malwarebytes'(Premium) Web Protection module prevents connections to malicious or compromised sites in browsers without installing any plugins or extensions, here is something new we’ve found:

Malwarebytes now has an add-on available for Firefox on AMO. The extension in beta, has this description:’detects and Protects against malware, scams and deceptive advertising on the web’.

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Using Malwarebytes Extension in Firefox

After installing the extension you can find its icon in the toolbar, which when clicked allows to enable/ disable protection for the page/site you’re on (this way, you can add exclude certain sites) and offers Settings button.

The Settings reveal Malwarebytes offer the following protection for users in Firefox browser

  • Malware protection
  • Scam protection
  • Advertising/tracker protection
  • Clickbait protection.

At the moment, the extension is in beta and available on AMO for Download.

Malwarebytes extension for Firefox 

We don’t know the Malwarebytes plans behind releasing this extension for Firefox.

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