With Firefox 57 Quantum launch, Mozilla has made Pocket Recommendations on New Tab available to users in U.S, Canada and Germany. Firefox team, which now testing Personalized Recommendations, soon to run an experiment on a small portion of U.S users running Firefox 59 beta by showing an occasional sponsored story in the Recommended by Pocket Section in the New Tab Page.

Firefox to Show Sponsored Stories in Pocket Recommendations in New Tab Page

Don’t forget users have not received the sponsored tiles/ads shown in Firefox new tab that well, Mozilla has then abandoned that concept and now came back again with Sponsored Stories in ‘Recommended by Pocket’ Section in New tab Page. Let us see if they can succeed and make some money with Pocket Service.

Pocket Recommendations in Firefox Quantum New Tab Page

The experiment, which is not yet available, when goes live, users can able to disable or turn off  by unchecking an option present in New Tab Preferences.

Disable or remove Sponsored Stories in Recommended by Pocket Section

1. Click on New Tab Preferences gear icon

2. Under Recommended by Pocket, uncheck ‘Show Sponsored Stories’

Disable or Remove Pocket from Firefox

If you don’t want Pocket at all, which has been integrated into Firefox some while back by Mozilla as a system add-on,

Visit about:config

Find the preference ‘extensions.pocket.enabled’ and change its value to ‘false’.

If you’re a Pocket user, do know this: you don’t need create an account to use the service, read

You can use Pocket without an account in Firefox