Upcoming Firefox 59 already allows user to stop receiving push notification requests coming from sites to know your location, access your mic and camera, and Mozilla now can anytime turn on tab warming feature in Nightly, that makes tab switching faster than before and more performance improvements and customization options are on the way.

Firefox 59 : Choose whether Search Suggestions or history suggestions come first in the address bar

Talking about customization options, current Nightly version offers an option in Search Preferences to choose which –search suggestions or browsing history- to appear first in address bar results.
Firefox menu > options > Search > Search bar > Show search Suggestions ahead of browsing history in address bar results.

In address bar results, by default, search suggestions will display first. By unchecking the above option, suggestions from history/bookmarks will appear first ahead of search suggestions in the location bar.

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Do note, this Firefox version has got another couple of changes: add-ons manager Search will use Mozilla add-ons site search and Mozilla has removed the Firefox health report feature.