The Search function in Firefox add-ons Manager that searches in locally installed add-ons and on site, to use AMO Search for finding the add-ons in about:add-ons page.

The change targeted for Firefox 59, modifies the placeholder text in the add-ons manager search bar from ‘Search all add-ons’ to ‘Search on’. When you search for something, a new tab will open in Firefox with search results from AMO.

 Add-ons Manager in Firefox 59 searches on

By using the ‘Filter results’ pane on the left in the AMO, you can able to

1. Sort search results by Relevance, Recently Updated, Most Users, Top Rated or Trending.

2. Narrow the search results to a theme or extension. By default, AMO searches for both extensions and themes.

3. Set search results to display add-ons for Windows or Mac or Linux. By default, Search will be performed for all three platforms.

4. Restrict the Search results to display featured add-ons only.

You can find old add-ons manager search layout below.

Firefox 48: New add-ons Discovery Pane

Firefox 59 : Mozilla removes Firefox Health Report

What’s your take on this change?