Foxit Software has released Foxit Reader 9.0.1 with OneNote Integration, Protected View and Online ink features. The Update has also included accessibility and user-friendly improvements and fixed stability issues.

Foxit Reader 9.0.1

OneNote Integration

If you’re using OneNote on Windows, you can now quickly send PDF documents to Microsoft’s note taking app from within Foxit Reader after editing.

For instance, to send a PDF document to oneNote within Foxit Reader

  1. Edit the document in question and save the changes.
  2. Click on Share tab and click OneNote’
  3. ‘Select a section/page in your notebooks, and click OK.
  4. In the pop-up dialog box, choose Attach File or Insert Printout to insert your document to the selected section/page in OneNote’.

Note: For OneNote integration in Foxit Reader to work, you need to have OneNote app installed on your computer.

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Protected View

To protect your computer from files coming from internet or other unsafe locations, this version of  Foxit Reader offers Protected View option in Settings (disabled by default).

You can turn on the Protected View to view files in read-only mode, here is how that can be done.

Enable Protected View in Foxit Reader 

1. Open Foxit Reader

2. Click on File menu, select Preferences

3. Select ‘Security’ and under Protected View, choose ‘Files from potentially unsafe locations’, click OK.

Download Foxit Reader 9.0.1. You can find this version of the Foxit Reader’s changelog here.

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