Desktop Chrome has got material design with version 53 on Windows and Google is gradually enabling the new design for the browser’s internal pages such as History, downloads, extensions, bookmarks. etc. For instance, recently released Chrome 63 has activated material design by default for bookmarks.

Chrome 52: Mac gets Material design, Windows to get with Chrome 53

MD Bookmarks already has one regression, it doesn’t show Bookmark URL on hover over, which is annoying, Chromium team is aware of this and we can expect this to be fixed by the Chromium team.

If you want to disable material design for bookmark Manager in Chrome, you can, here is how.

Disable Material Design for bookmarks in Chrome 63

1. Visit chrome://flags

2. Search for bookmarks, for ‘Enable Material Design bookmarks’ flag, select ‘Disabled’ and restart the browser.

Do remember, this flag may only last for six weeks or for a couple of versions, after that it will be removed and you’ve to use the new bookmarks manager anyway.

Google removes the ‘Material Design in the browser’s top Chrome’ flag

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