Google has released Chrome 63 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and is available for download.  The update includes 37 security fixes, so it is recommended for you to install this update in Chrome browser.

Chrome 63

What’s new:

This version brings redesigned flags page (with material design), now shows experiments that are available and unavailable for you. Search box in the page allows you to easily find the experiment you’re looking for. The new chrome flags page is touch and mobile friendly.

Now You can Reset All Chrome Flags to their defaults

The Chrome bookmarks manager has got material design as well, press Ctrl+Alt+O on Windows or visit chrome://bookmarks page to see it. You can also the check the screenshot below of the same.

Google Chrome Bookmarks Recovery Tool

Site Permissions UI has been revamped, as a result, you’ll see fewer permissions in page info bubble (that appears when you click in the site icon), and most permissions have been moved to Site settings page.

Chrome 63 will warn you about man-in-middle attacks. Visit chrome://interstitials/! page and click MITM software test page to see the feature in action.

This version of Chrome offers HTTPS certificate shortcut with issuer name in the tooltip.

Chromium team has enabled TLS 1.3 by default for Gmail.