Vivaldi now lets you sync your bookmarks, extensions settings, passwords and other data so you don’t have to manually transfer them between computers, let us see how to set up Sync in Vivaldi browser.

ICYDK, one of the most requested Vivaldi features, Sync is now available with Vivaldi 1.14 snapshot for testing. You need to download and install the snapshot to test Vivaldi sync.

Set up Sync in Vivaldi

1. As to sync your data in Google Chrome, you need to sign into Chrome with a Google account, similar to that, to sync your Vivaldi user data, you need to create an account on, you can signup for an account here.

2. After that, click V icon > Tools >Settings >Sync or click the cloud icon in the status bar.

3. Login to your Vivaldi account by entering your username and password.

Enter your Vivaldi account username and password

4. By default, all your Vivaldi data such as bookmarks and speed dials, settings, passwords, autofill, History and Remote Sessions, Extensions and Notes, were selected for synchronization, you can configure which data to sync, for that, uncheck ‘Synchronize all data’.

5. You need to set a separate password for encryption, once you’ve done that, click ‘Start Sync’, done, you’ve successfully synced your data to Vivaldi servers.