The ability to mute individual tabs has been taken away by Google in Chrome 63, but has introduced a new site muting option to completely disable audio for individual sites. This option enables site-wide muting in content settings and tab context menu. Let us see how to mute and unmute sites in the Google Chrome browser.

Muting Sites in Chrome

For instance, if you visit YouTube and play a video, Sound option appears in the Page info bubble.

To mute the site, you can select ‘Block’ or right click on the same tab and choose ‘Mute Site’, the site will be permanently muted, this option will persist between the browsing sessions.

New Mute Site option in Tab Context Menu

Next to see it in the Muted Sites list in Site Settings, click on Chrome menu, select Settings,

Advanced > Content Settings, click Sound or visit chrome://settings/content/sound, you’ll see YouTube below Muted sites list.

Unmuting Websites in Chrome

Visit the same site you’ve muted, right click on the tab and choose ‘Unmute site’

Or click on Page info bubble and choose ‘Allow’ for Sound.

If you’ve muted more sites and don’t remember the site name, visit chrome://settings/content/sound in the address bar

For the site appears under ‘Muted’, click on three vertical dots and choose ‘Remove’, done.

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