Mozilla has decided to show tracking protection UI with Always, Only in private windows and Never options in Firefox 57 preferences.

Till now in Firefox release version, starting with Firefox 42, tracking protection has been enabled by default for private browsing mode, but not for regular or normal mode (as doing so may break certain websites). But users can anytime, visit about:config and change privacy.trackingprotection.enabled to true for TP to be on, which also helps Firefox to load pages faster.

Mozilla finds Tracking Protection in Firefox decreases Page Load time for sites by 44% 


Firefox 57 shows ‘Always’ option for Tracking Protection in Privacy Settings

But offering Tracking Protection Settings with options could be better, which Mozilla has done now just before the major Firefox Quantum release.

The Firefox team has added tracking protection options — always on, only in Private windows (default on) and never– to Firefox Privacy & Security settings (Options > Privacy & Security, Tracking Protection). Currently, nightly users and Firefox 57 users will see this change.

Tracking Protection Setting and meaning:

Always – Tracking protection enabled by default both in normal and private browsing mode

Only in Private Windows –Tracking Protection activate in Private browsing mode only

Never– Tracking protection will be disabled, even in PB mode also.

Note: Mozilla has displayed TP options in Preferences in normal mode for Nightly population sometime back, now this change will be available for release users.

Firefox Nightly offers Options in Preferences to enable Tracking Protection in Normal Mode