After the controversial suggested tiles in New Tab Page that has got criticism for privacy issues, Mozilla is coming with a redesigned new tab page for Firefox 57, it’s called Activity Stream. It displays the search bar, top sites, Highlights and snippets.

If you don’t like the New Tab Page and want the old one back, you can and use it for some time till Mozilla removes the preference in about:config, (after that Activity Stream will be forced on you) or the best thing you can do is turn the activity stream into a blank page, we’re detailing both methods below.

Get the old new tab page back in Firefox 57

  1. Visit about:config
  2.  Search for Activity, in the displayed results, find the preference browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.enabled and double click to change its value to false.

Note: You need to change the above preference value to true to restore the new new tab page in Firefox.

Rather than disabling Activity Stream by using a hidden preference, which not going to last long you can make it blank, here is how that can be done.

Make New Tab Page (Activity Stream) a blank Page

  1. Open the New Tab Page
  2. Click on Cogwheel to bring up New Tab Preferences and uncheck all the four options .
  3. Click Done