Learn how to fix when Google Chrome doesn’t load sites or pages but keeps showing ‘waiting for proxy tunnel’ message at the status bar.

I’ve experienced this issue and able to resolve after trying various things.

Fix Google Chrome’s Waiting for Proxy Tunnel Issue

1. Click on Chrome menu, select Settings

2. Click on Advanced > System, open Proxy Settings

3. Click on LAN Settings, uncheck ‘Automatically detect settings’ and click ‘OK’.

Before trying the above, you need to confirm the issue is with Chrome only, for that,

1. Restart Chrome and see the page or site you’re to trying to visit loads fine.

2. Open another browser like Firefox and try to see if sites open without any issues, if they work, issue is with Chrome, start investigating.

3. Launch ingconito window and check if the issue persists.

For me, visiting my site in incognito gave 404 not found error, where Firefox had no issues.

4. Clear Chrome browsing data and check if the issue persists.