Avast’s CyberCapture, introduced with Nitro Update, stops unknown or new or suspicious files from running on your computer and sends them (if detected) to cloud for analysis, if found safe after analysis notifies user about it and allows to run.

Avast shows this message if it blocks a file with CyberCapture technology: ‘Hang on,.. this file may contain something bad’. And says it is running a 15 second scan to see if it can identify any malware.

For some files, this never ends. Avast continues to show Hang on message and after that, it shows ‘No Problems found. Sorry for the wait. The application will start in a few seconds.’ But the app in question never opens, the fact is it has been blocked by Avast.

CyberCapture feature can be annoying, you can then disable it temporarily to open and run the program and after that, you can add that file to Avast exclusions list, here is how that can be done.

Disabling Avast CyberCapture

1. Open Avast Interface,

2. Click on Settings >General, Uncheck ‘Enable CyberCapture’

3. Click OK.

Excluding a file from CyberCapture Scan

1. Visit Settings > General > Exclusions >CyberCapture,

2. Browse and select the file path.

3. Click OK.

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