You might have familiar with some of Google sites or services not working in Opera 12.x browser, maybe that’s not the case with Opera now which uses blink as browser engine now, but that’s exactly the case with Vivaldi browser now.

Google Services or sites such as Google Drive shows an unsupported browser message in Vivaldi, even though the is browser is based on Chromium.

For example, when you sign into Google Drive in Vivaldi browser, you’ll be greeted with following message:

‘You are using an unsupported browser. If you see any unexpected behavior, you may want to use supported browser instead’.

If you don’t want to switch to Chrome or Firefox or Opera, for these services, and don’t want to see unsupported browser message again and again in Vivaldi browser (the notification never goes away even when you close it), here is a trick you need to follow:

You’ve to fake Vivaldi user agent as some other supported browser except Chrome, here is how that can be done.

Disable ‘You are using an supported browser’ message in Vivaldi browser

  1. In Vivaldi browser, visit User Agent Switcher extension  (by Google) page in Chrome Web Store
  2. Install it.
  3. Now sign into Google site you wish not to receive the error, and click on ‘Chrome UA Spoofer’ icon on the toolbar and click ‘Internet Explorer’ and choose ‘Internet Explorer 10’,
  4. The page refreshes and the notification goes away

Note: This extension provides outdated versions of Firefox as UA String, which when selected doesn’t work and you’ll receive the same message. That’s why we’re advising you to select UA String as IE10.

4. Now click on Vivaldi icon, Tools >Extensions, click on options for User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

5. Select ‘Set user-agent spoof for tab’ and you may want to uncheck ‘Send annoymous usage reports’ option as well.

6. Done.