Since a month no snapshot has been published by Vivaldi team, don’t worry! Today Vivaldi 1.13 snapshot has been released and available for download (not available via auto update) with Window Panel and download in progress warning dialog.

Window Panel

Newly added Windows Panel, which can be launched from Vivaldi View menu shows tabs open in the window and allows to sort them by manually, title, host, domain and sound.

You can search for the  titles and close tabs. Tabs closed from Window Panel will be shown in the Panel under ‘Closed Tabs’.

“The point of this panel is to make life easier for those of you working with many tabs. It makes it simple to sort, search (through titles) and manage multiple tabs at once.” Vivaldi’s Ruari said in a blog post.

“Dragging a tab to change order, modify stacks and change pinning state is in many cases easier in the panel, since each element keeps its size regardless of the number of tabs in the list. Muting all tabs in the window (or stack) is done by simply right-clicking on a parent folder.”

Download improvements

Download progress bar now shows  the download speed. Vivaldi now warns when you try to close the browser when a download is in progress, the warning dialog offers options to ‘Cancel Download’ and ‘Continue Download’.

If you cancel the download, Vivaldi will close, if you continue  the download, file downloading will continue and Vivaldi browser will not be closed.

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Download Vivaldi 1.13.997.3 snapshot