After installing Windows 10, when you open File Explorer, you’ll be shown Quick Access with frequent folders and recent files, which you can hide and make This PC to display whenever you open File Explorer, that fixes one annoyance.

We’ve to fix another annoyance in Windows 10 now: Recently released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) has newly added 3D Objects folder to these existing folders in This PC: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos.

If you don’t want 3D objects folder or not going to use it, you can remove it from This PC, here is how that can be done.

Windows 10: Show ‘This PC’ and ‘Control Panel’ Icons on the Desktop

Removing 3D Objects from This PC in Windows 10

1. Open registry editor by typing ‘regedit’ in the Run dialog

2. Navigate to the following key in the registry or copy and paste it in the address bar and press enter


3. Locate the second subkey and delete it


4. If you’re using 64-bit Windows, you need to remove another key in the registry to successfully remove 3D Objects folder from This PC folder and File Explorer’s navigation pane .

5. Navigate to following registry key  and delete the above mentioned sub key.


6. Exit Registry Editor and open File Explorer or This PC to see the change.