Opera 50 gets more interesting with the addition of Save Page as PDF feature and bookmarks bar changes.

Opera desktop team has added ‘Save as PDF’ option to Page menu under O-menu, you can find this option in the page right click menu as well.

Opera 50 gets Save page as PDF option

To save a web page in PDF format with less size, click O-menu > Page > Save as PDF. Saved PDF files will be displayed in downloads folder, when you open it and click on any PDF file, it will open in default PDF Reader.

This screen-friendly option, unlike ‘Save as PDF’ printer available in the Print dialog, saves what you see on the screen and is better for offline-reading.

We feel right click menu option provided is more easy to accessible and usable than the one available in Opera page menu.

Opera claims the PDF file generated this way will be smaller than a plain screenshot stored in PNG format. But, asks users to stick to the option provided in Print dialog for printing needs.

Chrome: Save Any Web Page as PDF to Google Drive or to Your Computer

Keyboard Shortcut

Go to Settings > Browser> Shortcuts, click on Configure shortcuts,  search for ‘Save as PDF’ and assign one.

You can download latest Opera dev, which contains the new features and changes, from here.