If you’re using Google Chrome, here is how you can use the autoplay policy flag to disable videos autoplay in Chrome browser.

Google has announced Autoplay Policies recently, according to that, starting Chrome 64, the browser only allows autoplay when either the media won’t play sound or user has indicated interest in the media. Chrome 63 will offer an option to mute audio for individual sites.

The Autoplay policies are currently available in dev and Canary versions of Chrome 63 and will be available to public with Chrome 64 release, which will happen in January 2018.

Disabling autoplaying videos in Chrome by using Autoplay Policy flag

  1. Visit chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy
  2. Select ‘Document user activation is required’.
  3. Restart the Chrome browser to apply the autoplay policy.

Here are the other settings available for Autoplay policy flag

  • Default
  • No user gesture is required
  • User gesture is required for cross-origin iframes.

Note: The Autoplay policy flag is available in present Chrome 61 stable also.

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