With Vivaldi 1.7, Vivaldi browser has got built-in screen capture tool that lets you save full page or selection of screen. You can choose the options to save captured image to disk (in PNG format or JPEG format) or copy it to clipboard. You can use the capture tool from the status bar or the tools menu.

The captured screenshots by default will be saved to ‘Vivaldi Captures’ folder under Pictures : C:\Users\ [Username]\Pictures\Vivaldi Captures, which you can change to desired location on your hard drive if you want, here is how that can be done.

Change Vivaldi Screen Captures saved folder location

1. Create a new folder and name it as Vivaldi Screenshots or something else, right click on the folder name and copy its path

2. Visit v menu > Tools > Settings> Webpages > Image Capture

3. Under Capture Storage Folder, select (Ctrl+A) the default path, and paste the path we copied earlier over it to replace.

4. Done.

From now onwards, Vivaldi screen captures saved to disk will be available for access in your desired location.

Latest Vivaldi Snapshot improves Screenshot feature