Following the recent addition of sort by type to downloads, Vivaldi has got download panel info toggle. Vivaldi 1.12 displays this information for downloads in the download panel: file size, name, download speed, URL, destination folder and file downloaded date and time.

The info displayed in download panel contains information for both the ongoing and past downloads.

By dragging two lines in Download panel all the way to the bottom, you can hide the download info.

Tip: You can open or close Vivaldi download panel on Windows by using Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut.

Latest Vivaldi Snapshot shows the remaining time in download Panel

Vivaldi 1.12 has got a new slider setting to adjust saturation of accent colors, you’ll find it in the Appearance Settings

“What we’ve landed on is a new slider setting that allows users to adjust the maximum allowed saturation level of accent colors; giving a way to tone down the extremes across the board.”

Visit Settings > Appearance, scroll down and under Color, adjust accent color saturation.

You can download Vivaldi 1.12.947.3 from here.