Why Pocket has launched a new extension -Pocket New Tab- in the Chrome Web Store for Trending Stories when their ‘Save to Pocket’ extension already shows the same on Chrome New Tab Page?

Because of Chrome’s single purpose extension policy, trending stories feature from the Pocket extension is going to be removed when Chrome updates on this September 5th.

Pocket New Tab Chrome Extension

Pocket Trending Stories to be removed by a future Chrome update

Pocket has decided to move the functionality into new extension of their’s, which is now available on Chrome Web Store.

The Pocket extension has already started informing its users about this on Chrome new tab page and offers Pocket New Tab extension link to install?:

” Pocket Trending Stories are moving to  a new home, To continue enjoying Trending Stories in your new tab and get a fresh new design, add the Pocket New Tab Extension”.

Pocket’s new extension brings Firefox Activity Stream to Chrome New Tab Page

Don’t forget the fact that Pocket is now owned by Mozilla and it has blended Firefox Activity Stream’s Top Sites and Search into Pocket New tab extension, including Trending Stories.

Firefox 56 : Mozilla replaces New Tab Page with Activity Stream

You can able to read the trending stories or save to pocket for later.

Unless the extension has enough browsing history after the installation, it will show blank thumbnails for Top Sites. The extension offers dark theme in its options.

Pocket users who don’t like Trending Stories, may not install Pocket’s New tab extension, instead they’ll be happy to see the Trending Stories getting removed from the main extension, they should thank Chrome’s Single purpose extension policy for that.

Will you install Pocket New Tab extension in Chrome anyway? Let us know in the comments.