Opera 48 based on Chromium 61 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and available for download.

Opera 48

What’s new:

Search popup tool enriched with unit and time zone converters.

New Opera version has added unit and time zone converters to Search Popup  tool, which already contains Currency Converter. Opera browser is becoming an important tool for converting time zones, currencies and units, which makes you to visit Google less often to do these conversions.

“Today’s Opera 48 release adds 16 units of measurements and 14 time zones along with the 32 already available currencies ready to be converted. Just like the search pop up tool, all you need to do is highlight the value and its converted number will be seen in the pop up. This number can be copied to your clipboard for easy pasting later on.”


Snapshot tool

The built-in snapshot tool, available for access in the sidebar in the form of camera icon and can also be opened from the menu, allows user to capture a portion or  the whole web page.

Remove unwanted suggestions more easily

You now no longer need to visit the history page in Opera browser and dug deep into to it to find and delete mistyped URLs or searches, Opera now allows to remove unwanted history suggestions in address bar.

“Deletable search or page URLs will have an ‘X’ on the far-right end of the entry in the search and address bar dropdown menu”.

Opera software has reorganized Opera menu now and removed unnecessary sections. The O-menu offers importing and exporting options in bookmarks submenu.

This version of Opera lets you import bookmarks from Microsoft Edge and Yandex browsers.

You can download Opera 48 from here.