In this article, we’ve told, with the addition of Search Suggestions and One-click Search engines to the address bar in Firefox 55, Mozilla has made the search bar redundant.

The address bar in Firefox can now do everything or more what the search bar can. Modern browsers like Edge, Chrome and Opera also doesn’t ship both location and search bars.

Firefox 57 no longer displays search bar by default

And the Photon design which Firefox 57 ships with, demands for unified location and search fields. Anyway, Mozilla has removed the search bar and decided not to display it by default for new profiles in the main interface.

The Search bar has been moved into customize window, so that the Firefox user can drag and drop it onto the navigation toolbar.

Here, the location of search bar has to be controlled by a check box in about: preferences, which still needs to be added and the spec for it (looks like below) with default -‘Use a single bar for searching and navigation’-  and optional -‘Display additional search bar in toolbar’- settings looks like below.

Update: According the above spec, a new checkbox has been added to preferences to control whether separate search bar is present in the toolbar. Here is how it looks below in Firefox preferences with two options for search bar:

  • Use the address bar for search and navigation (default)
  • Add search bar in toolbar

If you now install Firefox 57 with a new profile or visit customize dialog and click ‘Restore defaults’ button, you’ll see the Firefox toolbar having location bar with flexible spaces around it and no search bar for you, welcome to the new Photon UI!.

So you can either visit Firefox Search Settings or customize dialog window to add search bar to toolbar.

The latest updates have added Downloads button to the Library panel.

Do note Mozilla seems to have abandoned the decision of offering downloads button by default in customize dialog, it will be in the main nav toolbar by default in addition to downloads in the Library panel.

So when Firefox 57 releases, will you use the location bar for searching? Or bring the search bar using customize to toolbar and use it? What do you do then?