With the move of Screenshot item in the toolbar to the action menu, Page Action menu in Firefox 57 is now complete. Pocket and star items will be shown by default in the address bar.

In addition to those, for a webpage, items in the Action menu which pops up when you click on (…) button, lets you bookmark a page, save page to pocket, copy the page link, email the page link, Send tab to device and take a screenshot of the page.

Note: The Report Site Issue item which appears in Nightly, won’t be shown in beta/release versions.

Page Action menu items contain add/remove context menus to add/remove them from the location bar.

Moving Page Action items to address bar

With Pocket and Bookmarking icons already in location bar, you may add the most used page action menu item to the address bar. For instance, for quick access to the Screenshots, you can add it to the address bar by right clicking and choosing the option.

Similarly, you can add items you use on regular basis such as Copy Link, Email link and Send Tab to Device items to the address bar as well.


To remove the added items from address bar, right click on page action item and select ‘Remove from Address Bar’, that way you may declutter the address bar.

If a page is already bookmarked, then the action menu shows ‘Edit this bookmark’, rightly so and makes sense.

If you’ve added or removed items in the action menu and want to restore the default Page Action menu, here is how you can do that.

Restore default Page action menu 

1. Visit about:config

2. Search for actions, after finding this pref ‘browser.pageActions.persistedActions’, right click on it and choose ‘Reset’.

3. Restart Firefox.

Photon animations team has done a great job for the animations that appear when you bookmark, save to pocket and copy links and send tab to device in the Page action menu.

The Page Action menu is new in Firefox browser, you may or may not use it. The menu doesn’t appear on internal pages of Firefox browser.

In future versions, right after initial release of Firefox 57, Mozilla has plans to list all web extensions in the Page Action menu.