ICYDK, Firefox 57 doesn’t show downloads icon in the toolbar, it appears only when you download something, but we expected the download icon to appear in the customize window along with other items, so the user can move and place it on the navbar.

But Mozilla has thought otherwise, instead of cluttering the customize area with yet another icon, they’ve decided to auto-hide the downloads button in the toolbar by default.

And the downloads button appears on the toolbar only when you open customize mode, here is how to make it permanently visible on the navbar.

Firefox 57 : Enable Downloads button that was auto-hidden on the toolbar

Firefox team now allows to unhide downloads button on the toolbar and offers a hidden preference in the about:config also for the same.

1. Click on Firefox hamburger menu and select ‘Customize’

Note: Downloads button now appears on the toolbar, but this will vanish once you exit the Customize dialog.

2. Now when you click on downloads button, auto-hide panel appears,

3. For the downloads button to constantly visible on the toolbar, uncheck the checkbox or move the the button around.

4. Click Done.


1. Visit about:config

2. Find the preference ‘browser.download.autohideButton’ and change its value to ‘false’.

At present, Mozilla is brainstorming to make Downloads button auto-hide panel discoverable for the user, but they’re unable to find a better solution for that.

Do note Downloads button also exists in the Library panel.