Till now you can duplicate a tab in these ways in Firefox browser: You need to Ctrl+Click on reload button, by holding the Ctrl button and dragging the tab to a new place on the tab bar and by copying the existing page link, opening a new tab and pasting it in the address bar.

But browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge already provide Duplicate option in the tab context menu.  If you use any of these browsers, to duplicate a tab, you need to right click on that tab and choose ‘Duplicate’.

IE even offers shortcut for tab duplication: Ctrl+K, while other browsers are not, forget about the shortcut! Firefox doesn’t even offer a context menu option to duplicate tab.

Firefox 57 gets Duplicate Tab context menu item

You’ll be surprised to know the most used tab context menu items in Chrome is ‘Duplicate’ with 23.21%. Knowing this stat made Mozilla to reconsider their decision on ‘Adding context menu item to duplicate (clone) tab’.

And with Firefox 57 ‘s move to Web Extensions also pressured Firefox team to fix the bug as other legacy extensions providing this feature going to die unless those add-on developers rewrite them, which is unlikely to happen.

Firefox 57 has now ‘Duplicate Tab’ item in tab context menu. So duplicating a tab gets easier in Firefox version 57, hope the users complained about it till now may calm down and find this change useful.