Firefox 56 scheduled to release on September 26, 2017, but the release date was changed to Sep, 28. Two top crashes caused by third-party antivirus are blocking the release of next Firefox version, both are rated as critical. Mozilla has updated their release schedule to reflect this change.

Firefox 56 release date changed to September 28, 2017

The crashes – one has caused by Kaspersky Antivirus and other by Quickheal antivirus software – discovered during Windows 64 migration process. Former issue has been fixed, but the latter has not yet been resolved.

As you know Windows 64-bit users, who now download Firefox, will get 64-bit Firefox version by default. With Firefox 56, Mozilla to move remaining 64-bit Windows users to 64-bit Firefox from 32-bit.

Firefox 56: Restore Previous Session from tab bar

Below bugs are the Firefox 56 release blockers.