After installing Firefox 56 on your computer, like for every Firefox, usually, you’ll see the first run page, Firefox browser privacy notice and when you open new tab, a fox icon appears on left and highlights this message: ‘New to Firefox? Let’s get started.’

When you click on it, an onboarding overlay appears and wants you to know about the core features of the Firefox browser.

Firefox 57 Photon Onboarding Tour

How to disable onboarding tour in Firefox 56

After going through all features, if you’ve closed the tour dialog, the Fox icon will never go and can be distracting to you, here is how to remove fox icon on the new tab and the tour also in Firefox browser.

Click on fox icon and check’ Mark all as complete, and hide the tour.’.

Or visit about:config

Change the preference browser.onboarding.enabled value to false and change browser.onboarding.hidden preference value to true

Mozilla to use onboarding tour to introduce about Firefox 57 to users when it ships with Photon interface.

Firefox 57 Photon Onboarding Tour