Firefox 56 will be available with new Preferences UI along with search functionality. FYI, Mozilla has reorganized the preferences, we take you through the changes observed in Preferences UI from Firefox version 55 to 56.

The old options UI with eight sections –General, Search, Content, Applications, Privacy, Security, Sync and Advanced– in Firefox 55 and earlier versions, have been consolidated into four in Firefox 56, they’re: General, Search, Privacy & Security and Firefox Account. If you don’t use Firefox account, then it comes down to three sections.

How to disable new Preferences UI and restore old Options UI in Firefox 56

Content, Applications and Advanced sections have been merged into General.

Individual Privacy and Security sections have been combined into one section, that’s Privacy &  Security.

Sync has been brought into Firefox Account, Search remained the same.

These are the changes to preferences UI made by Mozilla.

If you don’t like the new Preferences UI and want to revert to old or classical options UI, here is how you can for a short period of time (If you don’t know, Mozilla removes the hidden preference and the old code after feature has been used for some time).

Restore old options UI in Firefox 56

1. Visit about:config

2. Find and change pref ‘browser.preferences.useOldOrganization’ value to true.

If you want the new Firefox Preferences UI back, change above preference value to false.