After updating Avast when you restart your computer and try to launch Avast, you may receive this error on restart : ‘UI failed to load. This is really embarrassing. AV Service is not responding.’ The error dialog offers  ‘Exit’ and ‘Restart Service’ buttons.

If exiting or restarting the Antivirus service doesn’t help, here is how you can fix this so that Avast UI opens without showing any issue.

Update: Avast has confirmed that an incorrect Windows Services configuration can cause Avast Antivirus to trigger this error and here is the fix you should try before attempting to repair or reinstall Avast.

Fix Avast’s error ‘UI failed to load.AV Service is not responding’

1. Open Run dialog and type services.msc and press enter

2. In the Services Console, find ‘Remote Desktop Services’,

3. Double click and set its Startup Type to ‘Automatic’ and ensure service is running, click ‘Start’ for that.

After Restart, when you launch Avast, its UI loads without showing the error you received previously.

NOTE: If AVG is also showing the same error, following the above steps will fix the issue.

Try the repair method if the above doesn’t work.

1. Visit Control Panel > Settings > Programs >  Programs and Features

2. Select Avast, click ‘Uninstall/change’ button

3. Click Change and Choose ‘Repair’

4. Wait for Avast to make necessary changes, restart your computer after that.

Note: If you’ve received this error after uninstalling Avast, please ignore it and restart your computer.