So its official! Firefox 57 no longer ships with the Search bar by default for new profiles, it is hidden though, and can still be added to the Firefox toolbar if you want, follow the below mentioned steps for that.

Adding the Search bar to toolbar in Firefox 57

You can do this in two ways: by using the customize mode or by visiting Firefox Search preferences.

Method 1. Adding Search bar to Firefox toolbar using Customize mode

1. Click on hamburger menu and select ‘Customize’

2. In the customize window, drag and drop the Search item into the toolbar right after the right space bar and leave.

3. Done.

Note: Don’t think either of space bars around the address bar as a search bar, they’re spacers. In fact, the bar that appears with Search icon in customize mode is the actual Search bar.

Method 2.

Adding Search bar to Firefox toolbar through preferences

1. Click on the Hamburger button for Application menu to open

2. Select ‘Options’

3. Click Search and under Search bar, select ‘Add search bar in toolbar’

Done, search bar has been added to the toolbar.

But you should sink this into your mind folks: Search bar is redundant in Firefox, the address bar with one-click search engines and the ability to display search suggestions, can do more than the search bar.

Don’t be harsh on Mozilla for removing the search bar from Firefox 57, after all, they’re allowing it to place it back. So you should be appreciating Firefox team for this.