Final version of Vivaldi 1.11 based on Chromium 60 has been released and available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. The 1,11 version of Vivaldi improves Accessibility options: provides controls for Reader Mode, offers a setting to deactivate animations and gives you control over mouse gestures.

Vivaldi 1.11

What’s new: 

Advanced Reader modeWhile in Reading mode, user will be provided controls at the top of page to change font type, alter column width, line spacing and choose light or dark background for better reading experience. So you can able to adjust reading environment to your liking.

Vivaldi 1.11: Use Reader Mode with Dark/Light Theme

Vivaldi now lets you turn off those pesky GIF animations. Ensure the status bar is not hidden, click on ‘Toggle images’ icon and select ‘Never’ under ‘Load animations’.

If you’re using custom thumbnails for speed dials, you know, they can be easily removed accidentally on hover when you click reload or delete button. Vivaldi now lets you hide these buttons in Speed dial Settings. Head to Settings > Start Page > Speed Dial to see them.

The Vivaldi icon -both of snapshot and stable- have been updated.

You can download Vivaldi 1.11.917.39 from here.