Pocket service – which lets you save articles to read later -has been acquired by Mozilla and integrated in the Firefox browser and is now a system add-on. Those who don’t want to use the service thinking you need to create an account, is not true. In fact, you can use Pocket without an account, though benefits are very few with that. For instance, the items you save to pocket can be lost if you clear Firefox browser history.

Having an account in Pocket unlocks plethora of it’s features. For instance, each saved link will be backed up in the cloud and automatic syncing to pocket makes saved items available on Phone, even offline.

How to read Articles Saved to Pocket Offline 

Pocket is now a System Add-on in Firefox 46

If you don’t like to create an account for Pocket, but want to try it, follow the steps below.

Use Pocket in Firefox without creating an account

1. Launch Firefox browser,

2. Click on the Pocket icon on the toolbar and click on ‘Try It Now’ button

3. Follow the instructions on the screen (just two steps) and you’re ready to save articles, videos and pages to Pocket.

Note: When you use Pocket this way, you’ll be warned on top of page with a message: ‘you’re using pocket without an account. Sign up to secure your saves and sync them with your Phone’

If you’re already signed into Pocket, you’ll see your email address or your name at the top right corner of the page.