If an extension you’ve installed in Chrome browser gets corrupted and shows the message: ‘This extension may have been corrupted’ . You need to understand then that the extension’s files might have been changed. When this happens, to protect you, Chrome immediately disables the extension and allows to reinstate it by offering repair button.

In most cases, clicking the ‘Repair’ button will fix the issue and extension will be active again. Uninstalling the extension and reinstalling the same from Chrome Web Store may resolve or reproduce the same issue. Here is how to repair a Chrome extension anyway.

Repair IDM Integration Module Chrome Extension

Repairing a corrupted chrome extension

1. In Chrome, click menu icon,

2. Select More Tools > Extensions

3. Find the corrupted extension and click ‘repair’.

If repair button hasn’t worked as that was the case with EFF”s privacy badger and HTTPS everywhere in the past, where those extensions were corrupted because of Chrome’s Extension Content Verification feature (which was also responsible for flagging some extensions in the past with message: This extension may have been corrupted by malware).

In such cases,

  • Search for the corrupted extension on web store, visit its page
  • Click re-enable button.

Then the extension would work.

Fix Chrome 53’s Extension Corrupted Errors and Re-enable the Disabled Extensions