Opera team has added one of the most requested features- bookmarks export -to opera 47 and its stable version is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms. The major significant feature this version brings is export of bookmarks (which other popular browsers already offer, so you shouldn’t be much excited about this), which you can notice when you open bookmarks manager (use Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut). The capacity of recently closed tabs list available for access in tab menu has been increased to 32 from 10.

Opera 47

What’s new:

The dark favicons now appear in lighter color when you run Opera in dark theme. If you use light theme, know this: the color contrast, has been increased for better readability.

Windows 7 Aero user won’t see flashing background images when they switch between YouTube videos, this issue has been fixed. Personal news feed can now check the sources for new content for every 3 or 6 hours.

How to add a Site RSS feed to Opera Personal News 

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You can download Opera 47 from here.