We all know, we can install extensions from Chrome Web Store in Vivaldi browser. After installing, some extensions need browser to run in the background to work. If you’ve installed such extension in Vivaldi and disabled it from running in the background by choosing ‘Let Vivaldi run in the background’ option from its icon in the system tray, then that app icon disappears.

In Chrome, you can activate such background app again by visiting Advanced Settings and System section, and by toggling ‘continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’ setting. Vivaldi lacks this, fortunately, still there is a way to access this in Vivaldi browser itself, here is how.

Google Chrome Background Pages and Apps, How to Close Them?

Getting ‘Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed’ option

1 .In Vivaldi address bar copy and paste chrome://settings/search#background, and select ‘Paste and go’ item in context menu.

Vivaldi team adds ‘Paste and go’ to Address bar Context Menu

2. Click on Advanced, scroll down and under System, enable ‘Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed’ option

Then the background App’s icon appears in the system tray again.

But do note, on laptops and low configuration systems, most prefer the option to be disabled but not default enabled, which saves battery power and doesn’t drain system resources. Of, course you need to have any background apps installed in first place to have any use with that setting.

Let us hope Vivaldi team, will offer an option in it’s browser settings to enable or disable running of background apps when Vivaldi browser is closed.

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