Recently, Mozilla has launched three new Firefox test-pilot experiments named Send, Voice Fill and Notes. Notes experiment built into Firefox browser available for access in Sidebar, lets you quickly take notes while browsing websites.

Mozilla is also working to add Firefox Accounts support into Notes so that you can sync your notes anytime when you use Firefox browser.

The Firefox Notes add-on has been updated to bring Dark theme and a keyboard Shortcut Alt+Shift+W that lets you open Notes without you need to click on the Sidebar icon on the toolbar.

Note: After installing Firefox Notes, ensure Sidebars icon is available on the toolbar, if not, drag and drop from the customize window onto navbar. After then only you can able to launch sidebar and see Notes feature.

Firefox 55 : Sidebar Moved to right side

Firefox Notes

Enabling Dark theme for Firefox Notes

1. Click on Hamburger icon, in the menu, select Add-ons.

2. Select Extensions and click Options for ‘Firefox Notes’ and choose ‘Dark’ theme.