Recently Firefox Nightly has upgraded to version 57, which is the main version that ships Photon Interface. The major work for Photon has been already completed by Mozilla, this version will spend 6 weeks on Nightly and another 6 weeks on Beta, and Firefox 57 stable is set to ship on November 14, 2017.

That’s a long time to go! We’ve already seen what Photon interface is up to in Nightly. New UI,  bookmarking, saving to pocket, overflow menu and stop/reloads animations were pleasant to watch and beautiful, and blazing fast rendering (Stylo) yet to be enabled, you can test it by flipping the preference layout.css.servo.enabled and see if that makes any difference.

Firefox Photon new Overflow menu and Customize mode 

Firefox 57 Photon Onboarding Tour

Yesterday update Nightly received was significant, as it replaced Curved tabs with Rectangular tabs. Tab strip now loads blazingly fast when compared with curved tabs. You’ll feel the difference when you use it.

The Page actions menu has been almost completed as Pocket has been added it, Firefox Screenshots still needs to be added. You can use Flexible spaces to center the items on the toolbar.

Stop/Reload and Home button are now movable when you use customization mode. Toolbar icons have been changed from PNG to SVG.