One-Off Search buttons you’ve seen till now in Search bar of Firefox, will now appear in address bar also when you start to type. This one-off search feature will ship with Firefox 55. Now, the location bar can do everything what the search box can, including displaying search suggestions. Yes! The awesomebar in version 55 now displays search suggestions by default in the browser.

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The goal here from Mozilla could be reclaim space on toolbar by removing redundant Search bar when it ships Photon design with version 57 and offer it in the customize dialog, this may or may not happen. FYI, today’s browsers like Edge, Chrome and Opera don’t ship with both location and search boxes. The Firefox team may cite this as one of the reasons and could remove the search box eventually in the future.

But it’s true that you can now able to do one-off searches from awesomebar. If you feel they’re -the search suggestions and one-click search buttons in address bar – useful, you can keep them and use, if not, you can remove them, here is how.

Disable Search Suggestions in Location bar

  1. Click on Hamburger menu, click Options > Search, uncheck ‘ Show search suggestions in location bar results’.

Coming to one-off search icons in the footer, you can visit Firefox Search Settings and uncheck the search engines you no longer want to appear in the footer, only default search engine icon will be visible after that.

Note: You may have to stick to this method instead of below one which works only for a short period of time.

Completely remove one-off search feature from address bar

1. Visit about:config

2. Find the preference browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches preference and double click to change its value to false.

Note: This hidden preference will be removed soon.