Screenshot feature -Vivaldi has it, Opera is testing it and Firefox has got it with version 55. Firefox 55 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and available with Web VR support, screenshot feature, new performance settings section that lets you set number of content process to run for faster page loading and more tab responsive switching, and more.

The Stub installer will now automatically install 64-bit Firefox version on Windows 64-bit system having 2GB RAM.

Firefox 55: Mozilla to Ship Streamlined Stub Installer for Windows

The Firefox Screenshots feature which once available as Test pilot add-on, now became part of this version of Firefox, but won’t be visible to some users as Mozilla is doing A/B testing. Here is how you can enable it without waiting for Firefox team to turn on it for you.

Enable Firefox Screenshots in Firefox 55

1. Visit about:config

2  Change the extensions.screenshots.system-disabled preference value to False.

Immediately, you’ll notice a scissors icon on the navigation tool bar, it’s the Screenshots feature Mozilla has integrated into Firefox browser and available in version 55.

Click on it and start using it.

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