if you’re not auto upgraded to Firefox 55.0.1 from Firefox 54.0.1 and Firefox 55, you’ll now to version 55.02. After releasing version 55, Mozilla has found issues in it and disabled automatic update for users. Today, the company has pushed second dot release- Firefox 55.0.2-  for version 55 and is available for some via automatic updates and for manual download from Firefox web site.

This minor update fixes four bugs, check the release notes below. If Mozilla confirms there are no issues after installing this update, it will enable updates for 100% stable population. Eventually, your Firefox will be auto updated to Firefox 55.0.2.

Firefox 55.0.2

Firefox 55.0.2 release notes

  • Fix a potential issue when the username had some specific characters in the path (Bug 1388584): If your profile path contains a single-quote character like apostrophe, then the Places will break resulting Firefox to freeze, unresponsive and the bookmarks won’t be accessible.
  •  Fix an issue with new installation notification for sideload add-ons (Bug 1372448)
  • Fix performance regressions with WebExtension (Bugs 1386937 & 1389381)
  • Fix a regression with the popup menu (Bug 1388682)

You can find release notes here.