The issue once fixed has been revisited. When you launch latest Chrome browser and minimize it to the task bar you’ll see a black screen, same happens when you maximize Chrome from task bar. Are you facing the issue? You’re not alone, most are, here is how to fix this issue till Chromium team addresses it.

Fixing Chrome’ black screen that appears when you minimize or maximize

1. Click on Chrome menu, select Settings > Advanced> System,

2. Disable ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

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Disable hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 

We know using GPU or the hardware acceleration when available, the browser performance can be increased and page content load faster, but to avoid black screen till Google fixes the issue you need to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome browser.

You can see few users reporting about the issue in this bug which was fixed in 2013. BTW, are you affected?

UPDATE: Follow this bug, seems the issue doesn’t exist for me on Chrome 62 beta and Chrome 63 dev. I am on Windows 10 version 1703 with latest CU installed.

If you’re affected, try creating a new profile for Google Chrome or reset Chrome to see if that fixes the problem. Ensure your Windows and drivers are up-to-date.

Meanwhile, Intel is investigating this issue (follow this thread) as most users reported were using Intel graphic drivers.