Avast Online Security (AOS) browser extension of Avast warns about Phishing sites, it also scans the websites you’re about to visit and shows reputation ratings and blocks trackers.

Web Shield, another crucial component of Avast Antivirus, protects you from malware getting into your computer when you surf the web, also stops malicious scripts and untrusted sites, scans encrypted sites, can now block phishing sites also, which till now done by AOS.

Test Avast web Shield’s Phishing protection

When you visit Avast’ Web Shield’s Phishing test page in browser, Avast shows alert notification from taskbar with text: ‘Threat secured, we’ve safely aborted connection on .. because it was infected with URL:Mal’ and shows below details

  • Threat name
  • Severity
  • URL
  • Process
  • Detected by which Avast component (web Shield)
  • Status (connection aborted).

Latest Avast Beta 17.6.2308 has this feature included and will be available to public when Avast ships stable version.