We’ve told you in the past on how to turn off Auto Updates for Vivaldi browser, which actually doesn’t update automatically without user consent, but used to notify you from taskbar when ‘Notify about new updates when Vivaldi is not running’ option is checked in Vivaldi’s AutoUpdate settings.

Recently, Vivaldi team has modified browser update Settings. They removed earlier kept enable autoupdate option, but has turned on ‘Notify about updates’ by default, which is the reason why you’re seeing Vivaldi update notifier in Task Manager under the Startup tab on Windows 10.

If you don’t want yet another startup item, instead of disabling this we’ll tell you how to remove it altogether. Leaving it doesn’t harm your computer.

Removing Vivaldi Update Notifier

  1. Click on Vivaldi icon , Tools > Settings > Updates, uncheck ‘ Notify about updates’
  2. Done.

Vivaldi Update Notifier will disappear from Windows Startup, open Task Manager and see to confirm that.

Vivaldi Updates Settings

Why to disable Update Notifier when you can remove it. Of course, you can also deactivate that, here is how that can be done.

On Windows 8 and 10,

Open Task Manager, click on ‘Startup’, click on ‘Vivaldi update notifier’ and click ‘Disable’ button.

On other versions of Windows

Open the Run dialog, type Msconfig and disable the item under the Startup tab.