To ship the features faster, Mozilla has followed Go faster process where they ship built-in features to Firefox via system add-ons. These won’t be visible in about:addons UI and can’t be disabled by user (read:You can’t disable System Add-ons in Firefox 50, however you can, we’ll tell that below) and can be updated by Mozilla.

To see all system add-ons your Firefox browser has installed, click on hamburger menu > Help> Troubleshooting information or visit ‘about:support’ page.

The troubleshooting information page from Firefox 55 version onwards displays system add-ons under ‘Firefox features’ section.

Note: However, in version 54, they’ll be displayed on about:support page under ‘Extensions’ along with user installed extensions. But Mozilla has changed that for Firefox with version 55.

The page displays following information in a table view for each system add-on.: Name, version, Enabled (or disabled -,i.e true or false) and ID.

At present below are list of add-ons and this list will continue to grow.

Application Update Service Helper, Click-to-pay Staged rollout, Firefox Screenshots, Follow-on-Search telemetry, Multi-process staged rollout, Pocket, Shield Recipe Client and Web Compat.

How to disable a System add-on in Firefox?

As mentioned above, it is possible to disable any system add-on (but you can’t delete), for that, you should be using CCleaaner.

  1. Ensure Firefox is not open. launch CCleaner, click on Tools > Browser Plugins, click on ‘Firefox’ and select the system add-on and click ‘Disable’ button
  2. Open Firefox and check about: support page to see if that add-on is listed, it won’t be as we’ve disabled it using ccleaner.

This way, you can disable other system add-ons as well and re-enable whenever you want. This is one way of hiding features you don’t like in the Firefox UI like Pocket, Firefox Screenshots and other.

Removing All Firefox system add-ons at once

  1. Visit Firefox installed location.
  2. Open ‘Browser’ folder and open ‘features’ folder, select and delete all files that have xpi extension.

Tip: To reach Firefox installed location easily, right click on the Firefox desktop shortcut and choose ‘open file location’, You can see open file location option in properties dialog also.

Do note these system add-ons will be installed when you install next update.