A few days back, Opera 46 was released with the support for Animated PNG files (APNG) and this version has improved user interface changes, fixed VPN issues and improved the stability. If you use Turbo mode in Opera browser on slower connections, you’ll notice the button has been removed from the menu, FYI, the Opera Turbo button has been moved into Advanced Settings.

Definitely this is not a good move, the user needs to dig into settings and enable advanced settings and then need to turn on Turbo, not intuitive at all. But the fact is you’ve to used to it until and unless Opera reconsiders their decision.

Access or enable Opera Turbo in Opera 46+

  1. Click on menu and select ‘Settings’
  2. Check ‘Show advanced settings’ on the sidebar
  3. Click on ‘Browser’ and scroll down all the way to bottom and check ‘Enable Opera Turbo’ option under ‘Opera Turbo’.
  4. Done.

Note: To quit Turbo mode, you need to disable the option enabled above.

Opera: Where is Advanced Settings Checkbox?

Tip: When you’re in Turbo mode, a speedometer icon will appear in the address bar which, when you click shows ‘accelerated connection’ dialog.

Quickly turn on/off the Turbo mode 

To reach the setting easily, you better bookmark this opera://settings/?search=turbo and access frequently.